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Video Notes:
0:12 – notice that the attack and defense are not shoulder to shoulder and are still moving. That’s ok. Attack player tries to get between the double team. This is a forcing through.
0:19 – Asking for notes from USL.
0:23 – Attacker went straight at the defender and tried to go over her. Defender was moving but that’s ok – you don’t need your feet planted. Attacker did not try to dodge at all. Compounding this she left her feet and lost any control.
0:26 – similar. Attacker tried to dodge but defender was too quick. Attacker makes contact straight in the chest of the defender.
0:31 – Defender gets her position. Attacker runs straight into her. Clear charge. Note it looked like the defender’s stick was horizontal. If so, at HS this would also be a foul on the defense and alternate possession for simultaneous attack and defense fouls.
0:35 – any time you see a double team about to happen, watch the attacker’s stick. In this case, she pulled the head (any part of the stick head is sufficient) into her sphere, preventing a legal check by either defender
0.39 – another time to look for illegal cradle is right after a ground ball when there are a lot of people around. She got the ball and started cradling in her sphere immediately.
0:43 – The initial pass into the 8 meter arc gets dropped. The attack player tries to simultaneously scoop the ball and shoot it toward goal but there is a defense player in the way (who gets hit by the ball). Dangerous propel. You’re looking for power, placement, and control. Attack clearly had no control and she hit the defender. Note, this is not a shooting space violation on the defense because there are 3 criteria for shooting space – more than a stick length away from defender, attack looking to shoot, attack having opportunity to shoot. attack is not considered to have an opportunity to shoot until she gets control of the ball.
0:51 – this is both a dangerous propel and a shooting space violation. Low defender makes the typical mistake of running across the face of the goal. Attacker should not have taken the shot and just pumped in order to draw the foul. Since she did shoot you’re again looking at placement, power, and control. Defense had to duck so that’s an easy tell for dangerous propel. Can’t tell from the video if she gets hit or not and it doesn’t matter given the reaction of the defender.
0:56 – Look carefully whenever an attack player tries to shoot when closely guarded like this, such as on a roll. If the attack player’s stick follows through and hits the head (as in this case) or shoulders of the defender, then NO GOAL and dangerous propel card. Note: If she simply follows through into the sphere of the defender without actually hitting her head, it’s still NO GOAL but it’s just a major (and not a card) for a sphere violation.
1:03 – Follow through makes contact with the head or arm of the defender. While the defender was moving, she didn’t move into the path of the follow through. Attack took the shot without regard for the position of the defense.