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Reminder on the wording of the rule:

• Dangerous Contact (MANDATORY CARD): any action that thrusts or shoves any player with or without the ball who is in a defenseless position. This includes but is not limited to: head down, from out of the visual field, in the air, or out of balance, especially in the kidneys, ribs, lower back, shoulder blades or aimed at the neck or head.

0:09 – Red player shoves with her stick to the shoulder blades of the attack player. No attempt at a check – she was just trying to hit her.
0:19 – defense uses her stick to shove the attack player to the lower back. Clearly defenseless and ends up sprawled.
0:34 – green defender shoved the attacker – again to the shoulder blades. Just trying to knock over the attacker. Made no play on the ball.
0:42 – shoved in the back – shoulder blades again. From out of the visual field.
0:49 – shove – note this one did not shove her with a horizontal crosse. This was a pure push with her hands but was aggressive and to the back.
0:51 – dark defense not only displaces the attacker (push) but does so while the attacker is in a defenseless position (trying to make a shot)
0:56 – similar to 0:42. shoved in the back – shoulder blades again. From out of the visual field.
1:02 – not sure if that was stick or body contact but it was sufficiently aggressive that it warrants a card.
1:04 – this foul at the bottom of the screen. Red player receives the pass. Defense has been clearly beaten and shoves the attack player in the lower back.
1:08 – shove in the back
1:11 – shove to the ribs