Officials Kit

New officials

Good news, there is a grant program to receive FREE officiating gear.  At the US Lacrosse Grant Programs Page, there is program information and application


  • Fox 40 Whistle
    • NO PEARL
    • New officials receive in their welcome pack
    • Lanyard or Finger-Whistle – Yolo Link , also found on Amazon
  • Set of 3 cards – Yellow, Red, Green
  • Yellow Flag
  • Stopwatch for timing timeouts
  • Tape Measure (for measuring stick length)
  • Golf Ball (for stick check)
  • Water Bottles – stay hydrated!
  • Rulebook


  • Striped Jersey
    • See guidance below on what to look for
    • Yolo Sportswear has good Women’s Cut Jerseys – link
    • Also Getofficial has some from Smitty – link
    • has some – though Charlotte had a poor experience from some she got on Amazon where the black stripes faded quickly – link
  • Black Hat or Visor
    • Visor at Yolo – Link
  • Black Kilt
    • Skort at Yolo – Link
  • Black Running Shoes
    • Yolo has official Asics Black Running Shoes – Link


  • Striped Jersey
    • See guidance below on what to look for
    • Ump-Attire has Smitty Men’s Jerseys  – link
    • Amazon has some from Dalco – link
  • Black Hat
  • Black Shorts
    • Black shorts at Ump Attire – Link
    • Black Belt with above shorts – Link
  • Black Running Shoes

Other Items for your kit

  • Cold Weather Gear
    • Black Knit Hat
    • Black Nylon Jacket
    • Black Rain Pants
    • Black Thin Gloves
    • Black Thermal Shirt
    • Long Sleeved Jersey
  • Black Duffel Bag
  • Notebook for recording post-game thoughts

Tips on Selecting Equipment

Officials Jersey

We recommend a jersey with a pocket to store your yellow card for efficient access and possibly a pen. Since it gets hot in the summer, you may prefer mesh.

When shopping, be sure to look at the collar style, pocket, and width of the stripes

Policy Manual Expectations

From 2019 Policy Manual page 120