We’re really happy you’re interested in learning how to be an official. The journey to trained official takes time and commitment but you’ll find it rewarding, fun, and great exercise.

Training starts in the fall. We do two things: field exercises and classroom training.
It will seem like there are a lot of rules and it takes a little while to feel comfortable. We’re here to get you through this period of discomfort. Click on this link for a basic rules presentation

To ease you into this, we’ll start by getting you on the field so you can see a game from the officials’ point of view. You will be “shadowing” an experienced official by running up and down the field with them and have them narrating where they are looking, what they are seeing, and why they are doing what they are doing.

Once you get comfortable with that and with the rules – which is usually after 1-2 play-day games, you will change to being the leader and having the trainer following you on the field. You will start calling the fouls while that person supports you. That process takes another 1 or 2 play-day games.

There will also be a classroom portion to go through the nuances of the rules. The classroom portion will be around 8 hours of material spread across 2 days or so. Sign up for the training event you want to attend on the training page. You will receive an Eventbrite invitation confirming the dates and locations.

In January, this will all culminate in a “rating game” where a senior official observes you officiating a play-day game. You then receive your field rating.

Finally, in late January, US Lacrosse issues the official rule book for the year, there is a rules interpretation session, and you take an on-line test. At that point, you’ve completed your training.

Games start in February and will go through around the end of April. As a “Level 1″ official, you’ll be working with more experienced officials on JV games and some youth games. Once you are a certified official, the pay for these games is:

Level 1/Youth Official

  • $45 for a youth game
  • $60 for a JV game (Level 1 only)

Level 2 Official

  • $50 for a youth game
  • $70 for a JV game
  • $75 for a Varsity Game

Level 3 Official

  • $50 for a youth game
  • $85 for a JV game
  • $90 for a Varsity game

For equipment you will need, you can budget out (approximately)

  • Zebra Shirt $30 (T-shirt provided for Junior officials)
  • Black Skirt or Shorts $30
  • Whistle $8 (1st one provided)

US Lacrosse had a grant in 2018 to provide equipment to new officials. Hopefully they will have it again in 2019.  (Link to information)


  • Training Fee $30
  • US Lacrosse Membership $50
  • Local board fees
    • Junior: $20
    • New Official: $30
    • Returning Official: $40

For new officials, Training Fee and Local Board Fee can be withheld from your game fees in case of financial hardship – contact the local board chair.

I look forward to having you join us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
I’m looking forward to meeting each one of you.

Joel Sumner
Training Coordinator
Central Texas Women’s Lacrosse Officials Organization (CTWLOO)